|Three new EQuIP modules

SAIRME, Georgia, 27 July 2019 –  The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has piloted three new learning modules as part of the project, EQuIP – Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies. Fifteen participants working in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Environment and the academic sector have taken part in hands-on exercises concerning the situation of Georgia in relation to climate change and the manufacturing sector, gender in manufacturing, and industry 4.0.

EQuIP helps policymakers in developing countries to formulate and design evidence-based strategies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development. The philosophy of the project, which was established in 2014 by UNIDO and the German development agency, GIZ, is that to formulate appropriate industrial strategies and policies policymakers need to acquire full ownership of the concepts, indicators and interpretation methods for the analysis of key topics related to economic, environmental and social aspects of industrialization.

The climate change EQuIP module proposes indicators and data sets to analyze the contribution of industry in total country emissions for the reconciliation of economic and environment protection goals. The tool also proposes basic analytical concepts for the understanding of the relation between industrialization and adaptation.

The gender module helps in the analysis of the relation between structural change and gender inequality. Whereas structural transformation towards industrialization brings economic growth and prosperity, this phenomenon is not always accompanied by higher wages and labour participation for woman.

The industry 4.0 module provides first mover and frontier indicators to start detecting the capacity of developing countries to import technologies and acquire new capabilities through trade relations.

The new tools can be downloaded here: http://www.equip-project.org/toolbox/

For more information:

Nocola Cantore, UNIDO Research and Industrial Policy Officer

Email: n.cantore@unido.org

Franz Brugger, UNIDO capacity development expert

Email: f.brugger@unido.org

The Project

EQuIP supports policymakers in developing countries to formulate and design evidence based strategies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

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The Tools

The EQuIP toolbox offers stakeholders a range of methodologies to consider for industrial diagnosis and strategy design in their countries.

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The EQuIP project also includes an e-Learning course for some key elements of the toolbox to complement hands-on trainings and facilitate the mastering of EQuIP methodologies.

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EQuIP - Enhancing the Quality of Industrial Policies