EQuIP II modules near completion

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EQuIP II modules on the implementation of policy instruments and the institutional setup of industrial policy will soon be completed.

After many months of work, the two components of EQuIP II, a toolbox on the design of an industrial policy package and a module on the relationship between industrial policy and the institutional setup, are close to completion. Final products will be available in the next months. Both components will help policymakers design and implement a coherent industrial policy, thereby addressing the third and fourth step of the industrial policy cycle (i.e. design and implementation of an industrial policy). At the same time, an effective institutional setup will also be supportive for the remaining phases of the policy cycle.

The toolbox for the design of an industrial policy package was developed by Philipp Neuerburg Economic Development Consulting in cooperation with GIZ. This module of the EQuIP project will support policymakers to independently design context-appropriate industrial policy packages which effectively contribute to their broader development objectives.

The institutional setup module is the fruit of a cooperation between GIZ and the Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE). It aims to enable governments and other stakeholders in developing countries to take informed decisions regarding the institutional setup which best fits the objectives of a specific country when it comes to the design, implementation, governance, monitoring, and evaluation of industrial policy. This module is thus meant to help countries which experience difficulties with the effective setup of governmental institutions or with the proper institutionalization of non-governmental stakeholders, e.g. in the private sector.

Please get in touch for more information : sv-nawi@giz.de

The Project

EQuIP supports policymakers in developing countries to formulate and design evidence based strategies for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

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The Tools

The EQuIP toolbox offers stakeholders a range of methodologies to consider for industrial diagnosis and strategy design in their countries.

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The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization are partners in the development and deployment of the EQuIP toolkit.

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