Objective: The aim of this tool is to give a general overview and perspective on the magnitude, positioning, strengths, competitiveness and performance of a country’s industrial sector. It outlines how an analysis of a country’s industrial capacity and growth can look like. It covers both domestic and export dimensions, thereby recognizing the capacity to produce and the capacity to export as key ingredients for economic growth and industrial competitiveness.
Key questions addressed:

Where does a country stand with regard to the level of industrialisation of its economy? How has this changed over a certain period of time in the past? Is the country moving from an agrarian state to an industrial one?

What can be said about its capacity to produce and export manufactures competitively – and how can this be improved? How does its capacity and growth performance compare to peer or benchmark countries?

What is the potential for industry’s future growth?

What is the importance and impact of our country’s industrial sector in the global arena? Is it a small or a large global (or regional) player?

Indicators used:

Share of Manufacturing Value Added (MVA) in Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Share of manufactures in total exports

MVA per capita

Manufactured exports per capita

Share in world MVA

Share in world manufactured exports


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