Objective: The objective of this tool is to provide a set of indicators and related analyses, which allow (a) to assess the performance of a country regarding energy efficiency and energy vulnerability of its manufacturing sector and (b) to identify priority sub-sectors with low energy efficiency performance and/or a high vulnerability regarding its energy supply due to limited domestic energy supply.
Key questions addressed:

How self-sufficient is an economy with regard to energy supply, i.e. how dependent is the overall economic system on energy imports from abroad?

Which manufacturing sub-sectors are most dependent on energy imports and thus most vulnerable with regard to their energy supply?

How do manufacturing sub-sectors compare in terms of their energy efficiency, i.e. the value added created per unit of energy consumption?

Is the energy efficiency of certain sub-sectors below or above the benchmark of OECD countries? Which sectors should receive priority attention in energy efficiency initiatives?

Indicators used:

Final energy consumption by manufacturing sub-sectors

Energy efficiency (value added of manufacturing sub-sectors per energy consumption of manufacturing sub-sectors)

Energy self-sufficiency (domestic energy production per domestic energy demand)


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